New Jade Roller Facial Massage Training

Jade Roller training launched this month!

You can now take acupuncturist Paul Adkins’ online Jade Roller Facial Enhance Massage Masterclass, featuring a video demonstration of him teaching you the Jade Roller techniques, the acupressure points he uses, his signature Facial Enhance massage and an additional section on Gua Sha.

This training investment includes:

  • An 18 minute (to be precise) online video, demonstrating how to use the large and mini jade rollers, using the jade gua sha tool, the points used in a FACIALENHANCE® Acupressure Massage and how to perform the treatment.
  • Comprehensive course notes about each step involved in the treatment.
  • A full colour diagram of the acupressure points used and a glossary within the course detailing each one.
  • Access to your tutor Paul Adkins – Founder of Facial Enhancement; the anti-aging, non surgical face lift.
  • As a bonus you will also receive a FREE set of Jade Rollers in a Chinese purse, to use with your new service.

This Masterclass has been developed for any complementary therapist to develop their practice and is perfect for cosmetic acupuncturists wanting to add to their protocol.

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