How to Learn Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

When you add Facial Enhancement to your acupuncture practice the sky’s the limit, it adds a completely new dimension to what you have to offer from your practice.

There are a few ways you can study to become a Facial Enhancement practitioner:

The first and easiest way is to study via this online course. If you are a practicing acupuncturist this facility will tell you all you need to know, give you direct access to the Paul Adkins – founder of FACIALENHANCE®, it will also result in certification, the opportunity to use the letters FEA after your name, a listing on the Facial Enhance website and a free one year subscription to Cosmetic Acupuncture UK on completion of the course.

If you are happy to travel, another option would be to attend a FACIALENHANCE® masterclass; these workshops are scheduled three or four times a year and are based at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in Cornwall’s on the outskirts of the cathedral city Truro.

A very popular alternative to a masterclass is one-to-one tuition; this would suit the practitioner who is keen to get started straight away and wants to really incorporate Facial Enhancement Acupuncture into his or her practice.

Masterclasses can also be arranged for groups of practitioners anywhere in the world, this is a great option that works very well, but obviously needs a lot of planning.

These are a few of the options open to practitioners. Perhaps you would like to do the online course and then attend a masterclass as well; it is up to the individual. All of the options listed above will result in certification and listing as a Facial Enhancement Acupuncture practitioner.

Please contact us to discuss any of the available options.

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