Intradermal Needling Video

The course now features an exclusive online demonstration of Paul Adkins performing the technique he uses for inserting and removing intradermal needles during a Facial Enhancement Acupuncture treatment. The use of intradermal needles is not a commonly used practice in traditional acupuncture, however, it is an integral part of cosmetic acupuncture. Therefore, we think the…

Cosmetic Acupuncture Point Glossary

Our updated interactive online course now features a detailed glossary describing all of the points used in a Facial Enhancement Acupuncture treatment. This, combined with fantastic new images demonstrating the point locations, gives the student an even clearer understanding of why and how particular points are utilised within the protocol.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Training for Third Year Students

We are pleased to announce that the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture online study course is also available to third year/clinical acupuncture students, but please be aware that the additional bonus of a free one year subscription to Cosmetic Acupuncture UK, will only be available once you have received your degree.

How to Learn Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

When you add Facial Enhancement to your acupuncture practice the sky’s the limit, it adds a completely new dimension to what you have to offer from your practice. There are a few ways you can study to become a Facial Enhancement practitioner: The first and easiest way is to study via this online course. If…

Japanese Acupuncturist Studies Facial Enhancement Acupuncture in Truro

Japanese acupuncturist Takao Ueda made the long journey from East to West to study Cosmetic Acupuncture with leading practitioner Paul Adkins in Truro last week. Paul is the Principal of The Mitchell Hill Clinic and the founder of Facial Enhancement Acupuncture – a skill developed in 2004 and provides a real alternative to traditional facials,…