Learn Cosmetic Acupuncture

There is online support throughout the courses and also exclusive access to acupuncturist Paul Adkins, the founder of FACIALENHANCE®.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to accomplish a major task in small increments. If you are not able to complete the courses in one sitting, as most of us can’t, you can come back anytime and continue where you left off. However, with dedicated study, it is possible to be offering these new services to your patients within a week of starting the courses!

That’s the beauty of LearnCosmeticAcupuncture.com, you can set your own pace for your training.

And it doesn’t stop there! Facial Enhancement Acupuncturists will be joining an ever growing association of cosmetic acupuncturists, with the added membership benefits of our professional practitioner network, a listing on the FACIALENHANCE┬« website and certification. Graduates of the Jade Roller Masterclass and Micro Needle Therapy Online Course will also receive a listing and a certificate upon completion. It’s simple to SIGN UP NOW.

You are only a few clicks away from beginning your e-learning experience. Please visit our TRAINING PORTAL for more information about our online training options.